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Managing bookshelves

The purpose of bookshelves is more for user personal use, but users also can choose to share them. There are only 3 pre-defined bookshelves and they cannot be changed:

  • Completed - for items that you have completed reading
  • In progress - for items that you are reading at the moment
  • For later - for items that you are planning to read

Adding items to booklists

You add to your Bookshelves in one of 2 ways:

  • Using Add to bookshelf button on search results or item details page
  • Using bookshelf management in My bookshelves section described below - you get to it by going to My ProfileMy bookshelves on the left-hand side of the page

Managing bookshelves

You can manage one of the 3 bookshelves at the time. Here are the things you can do:

  • Add items from your catalog only (no way to add URL to external resource) by clicking Add item button
  • Delete items from your bookshelf by clicking the checkbox by the item and clicking Delete selected
  • Move the items between shelves - once you start reading some items from For later shelf, you can move to In progress shelf, and then to Completed shelf. You can do it one by one by changing the shelf at In: Completed to other shelf, as well as mark the checkbox by the item and use Select action option
  • Share the bookshelves by clicking the My bookshelves are public checkbox and clicking Save → then you can use the URL provided for sharing to share with other users over Facebook, Twitter or e-mail
  • You can switch between your shelves on top of the section
  • You can sort items on your bookshelf by date added, title or author

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