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Discussion threads

Within book clubs and communities you'll find the ability to participate in discussions. There will be a discussion thread box on the page like this:

It shows the various discussion threads created, and you can click through to each to read them and post your own comments.

Creating a new thread

In the discussion threads box you'll see the usual Connections 'add' icon, which you should click to create a new thread. Enter the title of the discussion thread when prompted by the pop-up:

When you've entered the title and created the thread, you'll be taken to the thread itself to post the first message.

Viewing and posting in a thread

Once you have opened a discussion thread, you can read all the posts within it, or add a new message by entering it in the text box at the bottom:

Following discussion threads

As part of a book club or community, you automatically follow discussion threads when joining that club/community. Therefore when new threads are created, or users post in threads, you'll see alerts in your 'My Following' box:

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