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My following

What am I following?

Some following is automatic, e.g. when you become friends with someone, you automatically follow all their events (adding books, reviews, etc). Also when you join a book club, you automatically follow the club's events (adding items, scheduling meetings, etc).

You can choose to follow additional aspects of Connections, e.g. a user (by going to their profile and clicking the “follow this user” icon) or an item (again you'll see the same icon):

The main following box

On a user profile, the “My following” box will show the latest five events that the user has chosen to follow:

My following - "Show more"

Once you click on “Show more”, you will see a lot more information about your following:

  • All events of your friends and other users you follow on Conncetions
  • Users who follow your events
  • Users whose events you follow
  • An option to change “My following” settings

In the “My following” settings you can choose:

  • To allow or disallow other users to follow your events
  • To allow or disallow showing your events on the Connections bar ticker (this is the bar along the bottom of the library catalogue that opens Connections; it displays latest events across the whole system)
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