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Glossary / icons

Glossary used throughout the documentation and Connections platform:

  • Connections – the social networking platform integrated in your OPAC
  • OPAC – online public access catalog
  • Patrons – your library’s patrons
  • Users – users of Connections, which includes Patrons
  • Floatbox - some links will open in a floating window over your screen such as:

Icons used throughout the Connections platform:

  • : wherever you see a red question mark, you can hover over it for help
  • : Adds the item to your bookshelf
  • : Sets the item as your current read
  • : Opens a screen where you can select a user to recommend this item to
  • / : Follow / unfollow this item or user
  • : Add this user to your friends (this sends them a request message)
  • : Send this user a message
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