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My Bookshelf

The main part of this content box is a visual image of your bookshelf:

You can have multiple bookshelves within Connections, and you can choose which one to display using the “On bookshelf” drop-down. Or, you can choose the “All Shelves” option to see all your items, no matter which bookshelf they're on. There are additional links to sort by author or title (ascending/descending), and arrows at each end of the bookshelf image for scrolling.

You can also pick a letter at which to start viewing the bookshelf - it will then display not only the books with author/title starting with that letter, but also all preceding/following letters (depending on if you've displayed the bookshelf in ascending or descending order).

Below your bookshelf display are links to actions for managing your bookshelves - see more information on managing items and bookshelves. You can also display your bookshelves in other places (e.g. a blog or website) - see more information on creating bookshelf widgets.

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