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ChiliPAC is the new product by ChiliFresh! It is the full integration of ChiliFresh functionality in the catalog.

General overview

  • How do I get ChiliPAC account?
    • Answer: You do not need to do anything specific to get ChiliPAC account - if your library has ChiliPAC installed in the catalog, you just log on with your barcode/username and PIN and start using it
  • How do I add items to booklists and bookshelves?
    • Answer: There are 2 ways to do that - 1st option is just do a search in the catalog and at the item you want to add, click on Add to booklist or Add to bookshelf button accordingly. The 2nd option is to go to My profileMy booklists or My bookshelves management page and click on Add item or Add website accordingly
  • How do I share booklists and bookshelves?
    • Answer: You go to My profileMy booklists or My bookshelves management page, make sure the privacy status of your booklist or bookshelf is Public and copy the Share list or Share shelf URL and share on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or any other means.

Booklists & Bookshelves

User profile

Catalog enhancements

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